LDAP/AD Settings

LDAP Stands for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. It is a lightweight client-server protocol used to access centrally stored information over a network. LDAP cannot create or specify how a directory service operates. LDAP provides directory support to browser applications that do not have directory service support.

Why Use LDAP?

The main benefit of using LDAP is that it can consolidate information of an entire organization into a central repository. This central directory can be accessible from any location on the network. It supports Transport Layer Security (TLS) to provide data protection.

LDAP Directory Service Model

The LDAP Directory Service Model is based on a client server model which consists of one or more LDAP servers containing data which makes an LDAP directory tree. The LDAP client requests information or performs operations by connecting to an LDAP server. The LDAP server performs this operation, or refers to another LDAP server that may able to perform this operation or provide information to LDAP clients.